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Office Apps and Integration

All businesses, large and small, routinely generate tasks that cost time and money to manage. They range from simple but essential chores such as issuing acknowledgements, invoices and late-payment reminders to more complex operations such as collating data for management reports.

Crucially, these are all tasks that can be performed quickly, cheaply and reliably via automation. A modest investment in a custom application for Excel, Access or other commonly used forms of Office software can free staff to concentrate on more productive, demanding, customer-focused work. Offering a swift return on investment, a bespoke app can boost quality and performance whilst simultaneously driving down costs.

What’s more, if you have a number of different systems that don’t ‘talk’ to one another, we can give you greater clarity and control by integrating your systems. We can connect your suppliers’ systems with your purchasing software; we can build a seamless link between customer orders, invoicing and stock control. Wherever you feel you could benefit by enhancing your systems and digital communications – that’s where we can help.

Our Capabilities:

  • Solutions and troubleshooting for Microsoft Office


  • MS Office automation


  • Development of Word macros


  • Development of Excel forms and Excel macros


  • Systems Integration