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Database Development

As an experienced database consultancy, we can help you organise your information effectively. We’ll give you clear and ready access to the information you need in order to monitor and manage your company’s performance.

Our database development work can broadly be categorised as follows:

Database consultancy

All businesses change. As experienced database developers, we can help you understand your needs and plan for the future so that you’ll always have the structures, the software and the information you need.

Database analysis

As they evolve, businesses often create multiple data sources; information ends up scattered across different platforms and departments. We can analyse what systems you have and how best to streamline them.

Database design

If you need a new database to support one or more business operations, talk to AppScope and let us talk you through the options. We design and build bespoke, scalable systems that put you firmly in control.

Data cleansing

Imperfect data is a problem for many businesses. Duplicated entries, outdated content and other errors can really limit the effectiveness of your operations. We can clean your data and give you the tools to keep it clean.

Data merging

If you need to pull together data from different sources, we can design and develop effective ways of doing that. We can extract, check and recompile data and make sure it’s all presented in the format(s) you need.

Our Capabilities

We are familiar with all commonly used database formats and we design using widely-accepted, industry-standard technologies such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL and MySQL.

If you’d like to get a tighter grip on your business information, please contact AppScope today.