Software Solutions for SMEs

Custom Application Development

Databases. Web Platforms. Office Apps.

Custom Application Development

AppScope’s expertise lies in developing customised software applications, each designed specifically to meet the demands of your working environment. We build them to meet your precise specifications, using accepted industry standards, and we provide comprehensive guides, support and documentation so you can always use them to their full potential.

Examples of custom applications
  • Customer relationship management systems


  • Field service management applications


  • Document sharing platforms


  • Job management software


  • Workflow applications


  • Sales and quotes databases


  • Remotely accessible time sheets


  • Appointment schedulers and reminders


Other Bespoke Applications

There’s almost no limit to the ways in which bespoke software can be made to work. Above are just a few examples but, equally, we can help with bespoke database development, office integration applications and web-based solutions such as the development of websites and customer portals. If you’re in any doubt about the feasibility of a project, please get in touch. We’ll be glad to give you some free and friendly advice.

A Partner for the Long Term

Since we act as both consultants and software developers, we can provide as much or as little help as you need. We can develop a simple app for your team’s mobile devices, we can ensure your various systems ‘talk’ to one another, or – if you’re outgrowing your original set-up – we can even help you create new, flexible, scalable infrastructure that will cope with your changing needs.

In short, we’re problem-solvers and we’d love to become an established partner to your business. If you’d like to find out more what we can do for you, please contact us.