Our New Website

Welcome to the new AppScope website. We’re really pleased to have launched it. It’s long overdue, mainly because we’ve been so busy helping clients with projects of their own, but it’s finally here and we very much hope you find it useful.

As you’ll see, the new-look site explains our various capabilities in four key sections – custom application development, database development, website development and Microsoft Office apps and integration. In reality, of course, projects don’t always fall neatly into one of those categories. There’s often a fair amount of cross-over between them, but that’s the great advantage of working with a specialist in customised solutions – you’re not bound by conventional restrictions or definitions. You explain what you need and then leave it to us to deliver the solution.

That’s certainly the key message we want to get across on this site and we’ll be seeking to prove our capabilities through regular news items and frequently updated case studies and client testimonials.

We believe that one of our big strengths, besides our technical expertise, is our ability to communicate. With that in mind, we’d welcome your feedback, so if you have any comments or questions, please get in touch. Whether you feel we could be clearer about a particular issue or whether you need help with a current project, we’ll always be glad to hear from you.