Project: Integration of Monitoring System

Client: FTSE 100 Financial Company, North West

The brief:

The client, a well-known financial services provider, had invested in ‘off the shelf’ systems-monitoring software but it had specific requirements for monitoring bespoke applications. These requirements could not be met with ‘out-of-the box’ software so a custom application was required. AppScope was commissioned to devise a cost effective solution.

The project:

Following consultations with the client, AppScope conducted its own research with the third party tool and discovered that the software allowed customisation.

Equipped with a good understanding of the client’s end goal, the AppScope team was able to develop new, customised software that the monitoring software itself could run. After a period of discussion and testing, it installed the upgraded system.


With the customised software installed, the monitoring system was able to return the correct data, which allowed senior managers to monitor their bespoke applications easily and effectively.

The client subsequently wrote to AppScope, saying: “Thank you for your efforts. We weren’t getting the support from the vendor, but you stepped in just in time.”