Project: Integration of Event Management System

Client: Financial Company, Home Counties

The brief:

A blue-chip multinational company needed its event management system to be integrated with another system used by the 24×7 team. The principal objective was to obviate the need for operational staff to use two separate systems. AppScope was commissioned to simplify the processes, to reduce the need for training and to provide a better, more consistent overview of information.

The project:

Simply avoiding the use of the exiting event management system was not an option for a number of reasons. Most event management systems tend to have transient data, which is of critical importance. In order to deliver the solution, data from multiple sources therefore had to be retrieved and kept up-to date. This was then fed into the first-level event management system as enriched data.

To achieve this, AppScope designed a database and established data collection schedules. It also designed and launched a web portal to allow admin staff to view data, to update it as necessary, and to generate reports. This was a valuable facility, previously unavailable to staff. The web portal was implemented using JavaScript and DHTMLX.

The final task entailed creating the interface between the two systems. This required a thorough understanding of how each system operated and of the application programming interface (API).


The solution was tested with the client, thoroughly documented, and then introduced into the production system using a staged approach. All project objectives were achieved and the project was delivered on time and on budget.