Valuing Individuality

Practical, tailored solutions.

Because no two businesses are alike.


There’s no great secret to our approach to customer service. We listen, we talk and then we develop solutions that precisely meet your needs. Simple.

At AppScope, we take the view that no two businesses are exactly alike, so for maximum impact and utility, the services we provide must be tailored. ‘Going bespoke’ means getting the solution that’s exactly right for your business – enjoying the benefits of systems and processes that fit neatly into your operations without any compromise at all. To make this happen, we adopt a three-stage approach.

Contact and Briefing

Following the initial contact, we’ll spend time getting to know your requirements and preferences. We can conduct discussions in person, by phone, via email or in online meetings.

Formal Proposal

Once we understand your needs, we’ll produce and submit a detailed specification and formal quotation. We’ll also give you a clear estimate of how soon you can expect delivery.

Development and Support

We’ll work closely with you during the development and installation phases to ensure we’re meeting all your original expectations. This keeps you informed and in control at all times.


We want to earn your trust and to become a long term partner to your business. That’s why, even when all the installation and testing has been completed, we won’t simply draw a line under the project and walk away. We’ll give you 6 months of free after-sales support – so you’ll never have to worry about late-emerging bugs – and, more than that, we’ll always be ready to offer you practical advice on any new project or proposal.


Where required, we can and do act as straightforward developers, providing high quality software solutions in response to a client’s brief. However, as experienced consultants, we can add value by asking the right questions, re-examining your requirements and proposing other, more efficient strategies. This value-engineering process means that, ultimately, you get better results for the same budget.

The details vary from project to project but, by proactively seeking out opportunities for making efficiency savings and technical improvements, we can help you cut costs, improve your service delivery and help ‘future-proof’ your systems and operations.

To find out more, please contact AppScope today.