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Many companies now develop and deploy applications for their employees using Web based technologies, this is now the default position compared to the traditional desktop application. I’m not saying this is the only way companies deploy applications, but from my experience it’s now mainstream. Lets explore some of the advantages and benefits of Web applications.

No Installation

Web applications don’t require installation, browsers already exist on the desktop which can access either internally hosted web based application, or access externally hosted by a third party or in the cloud.


Any changes to Web applications can be made easily without worrying about deployment, compatibility with other applications on the desktop. Location This has another benefit, mobile workforce being able to access applications from anywhere. Access the web application from anywhere, be they for your employees, clients or business partners.

Desktop Experience

Web technologies in recent years have meant that it’s possible to deliver near desktop experience, just look at some of the popular web email service providers. In particular Ajax and html5 allow similar desktop look, feel and performance.

Access from Mobiles and Tablets

Being browser based, web applications can be accessed from smart phones and tablets regardless of which make or model. If the web application is designed properly, for example a responsive design, this can be a huge advantage, and can cover most devices the workforce will have.

Easier to Adopt

Introducing a new application requires training; helpdesk will need knowledge base, and remote access to the desktop. Let’s face it, there is always a resistance to change from some, so a new item on the desktop needs to be carefully planned. Using the browser is familiar to everyone.

Leverage Third Party Services

Using third party services hosted in the cloud can be easily adopted, although strictly speaking this doesn’t have to be web based, but it’s more readily implemented using web technologies.

Thinking of Web Application

If you are considering a bespoke web application for your business, contact us for a consultation, see if we can help you. We can help with custom (bespoke) application development services or standard web design or ecommerce site.

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